Our Vision

During our initial growth phase, TTW would like to associate with other organizations that focus on rescuing and rehabilitating victims of human trafficking.

As TTW becomes a more established organization, our goal is to become an independent fundraiser, utilizing our funds to aid victims by offering a safe and healthy environment including shelter, food and an education.

We believe our involvement with victims is unique to massage therapists because victims are often forced to use massage therapy as a cover for prostitution.  Removing victims from this situation is beneficial for both the survivor and the massage community.  However, removal from the situation often leaves the survivor without employable skills.  For this reason, TTW would like to expand our focus to include rehabilitation and training, not just rescuing the victims.  Working with survivors of trafficking might include providing shelter, education, trauma therapy, or partnering with other organizations that provide successful methods of rehabilitation.

Some organizations are beginning to focus on intervening with adults and youth before they become victims of trafficking.  TTW is exploring partnerships with these organizations in order to possibly provide training in massage therapy.  Sponsoring people through these organizations would thereby offer potential victims the necessary skills to find employment, facilitating their ability to learn appropriate and safe touch.

But we need your help.