Children of the City book


This GRIPPING NOVEL on HUMAN TRAFFICKING in AMERICA will shake the nation with awareness, inspire action, and 40% profits to freedom fighting organizations.

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About the Story

No one was looking for them. They were invisible. Forgotten.

When local reporter, Kayla Barrington, crossed paths with an orphan boy on the streets of Denver, Colorado, she didn’t know the world of human trafficking hid in her city. What began as a good-natured lunch date, turned into weekly tutoring, and cautious, tender friendship. Under the facade, though, a highly networked trafficking ring was thriving at the exploitation of children all over Denver. Darkness couldn’t stay quiet forever, and when Kayla was tipped off, a desperate search began.

What started with one boy, led to a destiny of rescue, hope, and redemption. No one else knew these children were there. And she couldn’t walk away.

The Author

Tiffany Pastor is a dreamer with a relentless passion for helping people. She is a polished public speaker who encourages and casts vision with effective boldness. As a Theatre major and alumni of University of Central Florida, Tiffany utilizes the art of storytelling and dramatic dynamics to captivate her audience. After years of writing, speaking, leadership development, and graphic design, Tiffany is thrilled to bring it all together and share her first published novel, as a powerful awareness tool.

Tiffany is honored to serve in Children’s Ministry at a local church with her husband, Luke, where they invest in stronger families and the future generation. Together, they are raising their family, and reside in Colorado Springs, CO.

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