Investigative Teams Rescue 2 Children


Recently our team funded by an SCTNow grant was monitoring three suspected child-sex tourists who were trying to blend in at an amusement park. While they may have assumed their bizarre interest in kids was normal and misunderstood, they were also aware that they didn’t quite fit in as three men without their families at a children’s event. They must have sensed something and tried to leave quickly, but one was detained by authorities and questioned.

Fortunately, the kids at the park remained safe and the person in question was turned over to their home country on suspicion of being a predator. However, in a feigned attempt to make himself look good he told us about a girl he had seen at a train station, and this information led to our team saving a 13 year old girl who had been trafficked in from another country and had somehow escaped her captors. Our team is now caring for this girl while investigators are on to her traffickers.

Within days our team rescued another girl at the train station, 14 years old, who had run away from home because her stepfather was renting her out, and we have now found safe housing for her.

These two stories are mild compared to others which represent 9 saves in October and November. We are very grateful to our friends in SCTNow and their faithful partners for their recent $7500 grant which has enabled us to continue our work, and we look forward to laboring together both in North America and abroad to not only save vulnerable children but to bring about an end to the ease with which predators and traffickers rob our next generation of their precious childhoods.

SCTNow is committed to funding teams in the US and abroad fighting child sex trafficking.   The two children rescued are two of millions of children around the world victimized through the crime of child sex trafficking. Every child freed, and every predator off the street is one step closer to ending this global atrocity.

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